Vigor Quest

Vigor Quest Introduction

Vigor Quest started as a small project by me, it is a game where you play as a team of heroes, against a battlemaster (4V1).

The aim of the game is to get your heroes from the start point to the end, defeating the enemies on the way and roleplaying your characters. The whole game is customizable and 3D printable with cards and characters.

This page is to collect all information and allow distribution of information to the different areas. Whilst also allowing you to get the basics to start the game as soon as possible. So here we are, enjoy!

The Mission

Vigor Quest is a project started by me to show the ability of 3D Printing It shows that you can create something fun and imaginable with your desktop 3D printer.

As I moved through development of this tabletop game I found that there was a lot more work than I initially expected. What I thought would take a few months, ended up taking a few years. I have reached V2 of Vigor Quest now and having seen it not take much traction, I may leave it here to persue other idea in the meantime. The playermodels have always been a bit lacking, but the idea, the design, I still believe are great and could create something amazing.

As always the mission was to have fun creating the game, and then also playing the game. I started this when 3D Printing was to me, fairly unreliable and not so accurate. The distance that 3D printing has come in this short amount of time is incredible, and most people, if they so choose can afford a 3D printer and to start making cool and useful stuff.

A Brief History

At the start I was hoping that I could create a cool looking game, that everyone could play, that would be free and accessible to most people. One that could also be used as a framework to change scenery, to encourage creativity and to enjoy the full time. I believe you can have fun playing this game, and although it may have figurines that do not look as accurate as had hoped, you can still enjoy printing, painting and using them in gameplay.

I hoped that eventually people would prefer to pay for quality models, and that people would add to the project and help me extend it. We will be back in the future to try this again and see if I can inspire imagination and creation. But for now, I believe there are things that I could make, that may be able to help more people I will focus on these and see what happens.

I am after high-quality members to join us in this endeavor, to display a similar passion and enjoyment in this project and to be able to act on and alongside me create something magical and fun for others to play!

Oh and did I mention, the whole game will be available online, for FREE?!


Please see the download link below, as you can see it now goes to Thingiverse. I will post all of these projects onto that website from now on. Thingiverse is a  good way to host and also to allow others to find my projects so it may be this way from now on.

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