Setup Update 27/07/16 – Schedule and More!

I thought that I would take some time to provide a setup update. Along with this I hope to give a schedule update and how everything has been recently. I will break it down into a few different sections and talk about it that way.

Schedule and Content

Recording is good, I still enjoy the games and the 3D printer videos, they are my main focus after all. I would like to push more towards the 3D printer videos now and try some more outlandish projects. I am stockpiling new ideas and even starting to test the outcome. This includes creating new things, building and doing more with the 3D printer. Pushing my unique abilities to increase how interesting the programming really is, hopefully.

It’s no surprise I am looking again to change the schedule to allow for this. I am hoping for 3 project videos and 2 gaming videos per week, this is not set in stone. I need to push my main skills because I know for sure that the 3D printer/tech related videos are heavily outperforming the gaming. The gaming market is crazy very over-saturated, where as the 3D printing one, isn’t as bad.

I haven’t even tried my retro gaming idea yet and that was one that I majorly want to take out there. If everyone wants to start buying T-shirts and sharing my videos, I might be able to live off of the YouTube money. That’s not going to be for a long time yet though.

Setup Update

I am now at, what I would call the tweaking stage of my setup. Most

my setup update
my setup

things that I need or require to do most types of recording, I have. But I am trying to personalize everything and make it unique to me. I have found out a few times in my setup that impulse buying normally results in either poor quality purchases or even more money required to rectify an issue that I have given myself.

First of all my Audio Technica ATR3350 (lav/clip on mic), I initially thought was giving me a hissing noise. Also, now I am not sure if its the computers sound card or maybe its interference in my headphones? I have no way to monitor this on the fly through my DSLR which is annoying because it would be very handy to be able to check levels on the go, but oh well, back to testing. I am looking into getting Nikon ME-1, hopefully this one works with the camera.

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