Playlists Overview

On here you will find all of my channels playlists, check them out below!

You can find the playlists directly on the channel here.

You can find the projects here!


This will cover most of the videos I bring out!

3D Printing

This is a playlist for useful videos regarding 3D printing.

3D Showcase

This is a playlist of things that we found that could be interesting to print or handy to print. Showcasing the best of the 3D printing world!

3D Printed

This playlist is for things created by me, #3dprinted by me.

Technology Unbox / Review

This is for my tech reviews/unboxings.

Tech Talk

This is for my tech talk style videos.

Update / Vlog

A playlist for my channel updates/personal updates. Also for the vloggy side of me.

Printer Specific

Here are some printer specific videos.


Here are my videos for the Vector 3 mostly for expanding functionality and for things I have changed.


Here are my cool videos regarding the Tivo Tarantula, this is a printer that I received from GearBest, a very good starter printer with potential for modding.


Here are my cool videos regarding the Anet A8, a very good printer that is still serving me well! Loads of useful information in this playlist.

Older Videos

Here are my older videos.

Sketchup Tutorials

Check out this cool playlist of sketchup tutorials made by me!

3D Create and Print Magazine (Making the V3 Printer)

Eaglemoss 3D Create and Print Magazine | Review, Build + Unbox

Thank you everyone for watching my videos it really does mean a lot and I am truly so happy to be able to help people out from all over the world with what I do.

Thank you all so much for watching, and I will see you, in the next one :).