Is saving passwords in Google Password Manager as safe as using LastPass?

Is Google Password Manager as safe as LastPass?

Google has long been the king of web browsers, along with many other things. However recently I took a look at the password manager built into chrome and was shocked. 

When it comes to the history of password managing and web browsers I think of the internet explorer times, where storing a password inside of the web browser would be the worst idea imaginable. However using Google Password Manager, it seemed way more like LastPass and it got me thinking.

Is Google Password Manager, as secure as using LastPass? 

Now I’m pretty sure it’s not as secure as using KeePass, which is where I used to and still do store some passwords, especially as KeePass is an off the internet sort of program. However from what I can tell GPM is as secure as possible for the convenience.

I say this because in most cases it can help login to websites directly and simply by loading them up. Which is very convenient. Moving towards a more Single-Sign-On online type system. 

It allows for you to do a Password Checkup to make sure that the security is as high as possible on all your current passwords, whatever that means. You can even export all your passwords for use in a different service.

If this is just a system to store your passwords and you still are using two-factor authentication for all of the websites in the list, then it’s still fairly secure. I am not sure if there are any cases of browser hijacking to steal password databases like there used to be but it’s a high enough risk to put a lot of people off.

If the passwords are stored cloud wise and not locally it would probably be slightly more secure, but then again who knows. It will need to be encrypted to allow most to feel safe and I feel like the biggest issue about it is its lack of information. How do we know this data is safe? We have no ability to. 

This is fairly standard for Google Products.

At least with LastPass when you close your browser it will request a new login WITH 2FA before you can use any of the passwords. Granted this can get a bit tedious after a while but it’s safe. Lastpass app also allows you to use passwords across different apps, which does seem quite useful, although I’ve never really used it myself.

LastPass also has secure notes, addresses, payment cards and bank accounts, which is all very dangerous high-security information, that you would not want anyone else to know about. 

Lastpass also has some very interesting security features for account recovery, such as allowing someone else a key for you to unlock your account. Along with also a section on sharing passwords with people.

Both seem to help you make sure your password is highly detailed, numbers, upper and lowercase and characters etcetera. 

Ultimately the passwords are only as secure as the computer they are on, if your home computer has no password then anyone with access to your machine may access your full list of passwords and similarly if you have stored your password anywhere else on the computer, in say, an unencrypted text file, it may be just as simple to get into the account. Two factor authentication is important to stop this issue, but if you leave your phone laying around next to your computer unlocked then it could pose an equal threat.

I will post my sources in the description below, this is my first attempt at a different style of video here so please let me know what you think in the comments section below, and as always thanks for watching.

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