How Excessive Advertising is Killing The Internet

It’s strange to me why there are no specific standards around web advertising yet. However Censorship in the UK seems fairly normal now, more on this on a different post! Go anywhere online and you will see adverts, and that is fair enough, people need to make their money, and the best way to do it is to sell a small space on your website, for a small advert from your advertiser of choice. For a lot of people they use AdSense, as do I. This is a very popular way to do it.

So what is the issue with advertising? Well when there is one, two or even three small block adverts on a website, that’s fine. I don’t mind helping out the little guys make a honest buck, and I turn AdBlock off as often as possible. However, when I accidentally paused AdBlock one day, instead of allowing a website, I was shocked by the amount of advertising on some websites. Literal columns either side of the website of advertising, advertising in-between paragraphs, new tab popups, annoying “subscribe to our newsletter” popups and maybe worst of all, in-word advertising.

No wait, there is something more annoying then the in-word advertising, messages that tell you to stop using AdBlock, ESPECIALLY when you pause it and all you see are all of the above. Its like looking at a parked domain site but with a few paragraphs of content in there somewhere.

You cannot access this website without disabling AdBlock. Advertising needs to be enabled.
You cannot access some websites without disabling AdBlock.

What has the internet come to? The only reason I installed AdBlock was because of malicious advertising issues a few years back. But these are not small websites doing this, these are major websites. They should have alternative revenue streams such as being paid to review or subscription based news.

As soon as websites realize that this is turning off potential viewers, the sooner they will start making more customers. There is a whole range of people out there using AdBlock to stop such intrusive advertising, and for good reason too. With recent news of malvertising (where malware is embedded in the images) it does make the internet safer TO use AdBlock.

I believe if every website did advertising like me, it would be a nicer place, small non intrusive adverts, and I have seen this already on other websites and forums which is good, with the user stating that they want to show less advertising to not make it excessive.



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Jamie Robinson

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